Complexities and Transformation of the Pain Experience

We are currently conducting Part 1 of a 3-part study that will look at the chronic pain patient experience. We want to understand why you may have made certain decisions to try treatment, discontinue treatment, or what may have contributed to any success you have had with treatment.

This in-depth interview aims to understand your chronic pain experience and what psychological behaviors may have affected your treatment. In addition, we are looking to understand how social support may influence your overall experience. Therefore, we are also inviting your friends/family/significant others to be interviewed as well. 

Participant Information

Each person participating in this study will be asked to participate in a 60-90 minute interview that discusses your experiences dealing with chronic  pain and pain treatments. As a follow up to the phone call, you will be asked to fill out a few questionnaires.

Upon completion of the interview and questionnaires, you will be compensated with a $50 gift card. 

Participants must live in the U.S., be at least 18 years of age, have had pain for 6 months or more, and have undergone treatments with a healthcare professional to try to eliminate or reduce your pain. Patients with all different types of diagnoses are being recruited.

Please note that interviews will not be conducted until the summer, so we may not contact you until the recruitment process has been completed.

All information provided in the interview will be kept strictly confidential. 

If you are interested in participating in this study, please click the button below to see if you qualify:

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Please note that any information provided will not be sold to any third party and will be kept private.
We may, however, contact you regarding any future studies. You may opt out at any time.